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2022 Social Media Trend:
Augemented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and the Future of Digital Innovation

Of all the new trends to be on the watch for in 2022 one of the biggest is the adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Simply put Augmented Reality adds digital elements and filters to a live view in a smart device often by using the camera and Virtual reality is a complete immersive experience that shuts out the physical world around the user. These two concepts have actually been around for quite some time but in the years ahead there will be a greater emphasis on both and a closer look at integrating them into our everyday lives. Any business looking to better reach their target audience should start becoming familiar with AR and VR and how to use them effectively for their various marketing efforts. Eventually we will move to a Mixed Reality (MR), which means mixing AR and VR together to help boost engagement and increased sales.


Here are 5 Suggested Ways to take your AR and VR experiences to the next level:

1) Augment your branding materials by scanning the materials to reveal videos that further tell the brand’s story.

2) Augment tours and virtual assistant services so the viewer can get a better idea of a destination or facility by digitizing a product. This gives special access and conveys additional information to supplement the physical site.

3) Let customers try before they buy and add shopping elements to business platforms.

4) Adding outrageous filters or fun elements that a viewer cannot get just by going to a physical location. This could also include special partnerships allowing the users to interact with celebrity endorsers and more.

5) Creating new and behind-the-scenes experiences for the viewer. This gives the target audience (and their networks) a creative way to participate in fun games, giveaways and contests.


Augmented reality is more than just a novelty or a new idea. It will be one of the driving forces impacting sales and marketing initiatives into the next decade and beyond. As the world of social media continues to evolve and develop, leaders in the industry will follow these trends to innovate and discover new ways to keep all of us connected and engaged. Social media is truly an integral part of our lives, both personally and in the business environment. We know that connection is key, specifically when it comes to marketing and promoting products and services. Connecting with our social networks also allows us to more easily educate people about our brands and utilize these mediums as another layer for storytelling. Adjusting the ways we communicate helps to enrich our virtual experiences and change the way we communicate for the future.

Written by: Andrea Cook


2022 Social Media Trend:
Video Content 

Video must now become a core component of your strategy—but simply hitting record and throwing up a plain video is no longer enough. It must be creative, innovative, and entertaining to stand out in today’s digital marketing landscape. It’s also important to note that your audience’s attention span has gotten shorter and shorter over the years.

Figure out a way to create short snippets that highlight your products, your team, and your community. You don't need fancy equipment, just use your smartphone. And if you really want to get ahead of your competition, start creating Instagram Reels and TikTok's.

Reels and TikToks are short, entertaining videos where you can express your creativity and bring a brand to life. It isn’t just a platform for young adults dancing to music, it is now a key platform for businesses to get noticed and stand out.

P.S. I also heard LinkedIn will be jumping on the video bandwagon soon.

Have no idea where to start. Reach out! We'd be happy to give you some extra tips on how to create eye-catching Reels and TikToks!


Written by: Katryna Kirby 


2022 Social Media Trend:

There are still a lot of unknowns about what 2022 will look like for many people; however, one thing we can count on is that social media will still be a highly used and effective way to reach and connect with consumers. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to share ways that businesses can stay on top of the game with up-and-coming social media trends. This week let’s chat about storytelling.

When we say that your business needs to utilize storytelling, we aren’t talking about the tall tales you hear from your great uncle at holiday gatherings, or the nursery rhymes you read as a child. What we mean is that your consumers don’t want a sales pitch, they want to be part of a community. Now, don’t get us wrong, if you’ve got a product or service to sell, you need to sell it! What we ARE saying is there is a healthy balance between selling and storytelling – if you can find that balance, the sky is the limit on your potential as a business.

Think: quality over quantity. You could toss out 3 or 4 “here is a product and here is the price” posts or you could write up 1 or 2 heartfelt posts thanking one of your hardest workers or sharing the story of how your business started and grew to what it is today, and you’ll find that far more engagement comes from the latter option. You don’t have to be a published author to have the skills to share a story either, you just have to always keep an eye out for where the story is. Your consumers want to celebrate with you, support you, and stay in the loop – storytelling is how you’ll invite them to do all of those things.

Staying up to date with social media trends can be overwhelming, we get it. If you’re still learning the ins and outs of some of the newer trends, then start small with what you’ve already got – STORIES! Build those relationships with your customers as the foundation of your social media presence and then you can add in the fun things like reels and other platforms as you grow. We promise you’ll never fail by being authentic. And of course if you still need help…you know who to call.

Written by: Megan Cox 

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